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I review a lot of things, and try to give high quality feedback when doing so.

This page aims to improve the process of getting my review on some kind of artefact, such as a pull request (code change), an event or strategy plan, legal draft, etc. It should make reviews more valuable, quicker and easier.

What I expect from you if you've asked for my review on an artefact


What I don't expect

What you can expect from me

How to interpret my reviews

I attempt to use standard vocabularly in my reviews to make it clear what I expect you to address. From least to most important:

If the comment was a question, I will expect some form of response (even if it's just 'Yes, have fixed now.').

If the comment was just praising something you'd done (e.g. 'Nice tests!'), no response is necessary.

Feel free to dismiss completely addressed comments (Google Docs, GitHub).

If you've asked for help, I might explain how you could have unblocked yourself for example by pointing to relevant docs. Unless I explicitly say so, this is not an indication that I thought you should have sorted this yourself, but instead is just a resource to help you (or other people coming to the artefact review) in future.